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Our Story

In 2003 a member of our family was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. We watched her go through chemotherapy, radiation, and 23 surgeries. Today, she is cancer free and a survivor. Our family has been part of the gymnastics community for over 40 years. The Pink Ribbon Invitational was born in 2007 to raise money for breast cancer research. The competition has become one of the top invitationals in the country and we could not be more proud of its success. Every year we take time to honor the fighters, the survivors and those who lost their battle. Thank you for supporting the competition, but more importantly, thank you for supporting the cause! 

With love, 

The Duncan Family

The Why Behind PRI


It is about all of us sitting in my parent’s living room hearing the words, “I have breast cancer.”

It is about seeing my sister in a hospital bed and saying to her, “I am scared. I can’t lose you.”

It is about getting the phone call her hair is gone, going to her house, having her open the door, catching my breath, and thinking, “Oh my God, you are BEAUTIFUL” as the tears come. 

It is seeing my parents cry together wishing it could be them instead of their child.

It is having the “what if?” conversations about who will help take care of her one year old son if the chemo and radiation do not work. 

It is running to the store to grab medicine or a heating pad because she is hurting. 

It is about chemo appointments, radiation appointments, and surgeries. 

It is about going swimsuit shopping and picking out the most ridiculous styles so we can laugh and cry together. 

It is about praying relentlessly. 

It is about my husband holding me and saying, “you can’t fix this and I hurt for you” when I feel so helpless. 

It is about holding my breath every year when tests are done until I hear, “there is no cancer.” 

It is about working through the fight TOGETHER. 

It is about walking 60 miles and coming up with the idea of PRI

Pink Ribbon Invitational is a gymnastics meet, but it is so much more. It is COMMUNITY. It is SUPPORT. It is COURAGE. IT IS FAMILY.

THIS. RIGHT. HERE. FAMILY. This is what PINK WEEK is about.

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